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  • Measured Site and Building Surveys
  • Feasibility Studies
  • Scheme Design Proposals
  • AutoCad Designed Plans
  • Planning Drawings and Applications
  • Specification Writing and Construction Drawings
  • Design submissions for Building Regulations Approval
  • Liaison with the Planning Authority and Building Control Body
  • Construction Cost Consultancy

Architectural Design Advice

Loft Conversion Advice

Choosing to have a loft conversion will allow additional space to be added to your home which is a great solution for a family who needs an extra bedroom, or for someone who wants office space. In fact there are many reasons why people choose to have their loft converted.

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Property Extension Advice

With the cost of moving house increasing and the unpredictability of property chains, for many homeowners, changing property is not a viable option. An extension will not only save you money, but also add value to your home, making it a cost effective alternative to a move.

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New Build Advice

Looking to have a new home designed and built allowing you one of the key benefits of giving you the chance to put your own personal touch and ideas into the design project.

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